Office Lobby Directory Signs

Lobby directory signs are an essential component of any business small or large. A directory sign is typically made from hard-wearing and customizable PVC, aluminum, and acrylic. However, digital business directory signs have become increasingly popular for shopping centers and resorts. A directory sign also needs to be compliant with the standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA. These specifications ensure that guests, customers, and clients who are differently abled can easily find what they’re looking for as well.

When you invest in directory signs for your business, you can be sure to gain more than just your ROI. Below are some of the advantages of having lobby directory signs.

Simple lobby directory signs examples in Orlando, FL

Why Choose Business Directory Signs

Allows your Staff to focus more Efficiently

Your front desk personnel will not have to deal with tons of questions relating to matters that are already provided in the directory sign. This will allow them to focus on more important tasks such as assisting guests with their check-in details, helping those individuals who need wheelchairs, among others.

Assists Guests and Customers

When you have a building directory sign that clearly provides all the necessary information, you can help create a hassle-free experience for them with your company.

Creates a Positive First-Impression

Welcome your guests with a directory sign that is updated, functional, visually pleasing, and easy to use. This will help produce positive first impression which can have a factor with the overall attitude of customers towards your products and services.

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Visual Signs is among the most reliable full-service sign companies in Orlando, Florida. We specialize in designing, producing, and installing high-quality custom lobby and office directory signs.

Boosts Branding

Having a well-made directory sign in the lobby makes the company appear more professional, organized, legitimate, and well-managed. This is because it’ll give them the impression that your company understands what the customers initially want to know as soon as they step in your business. Therefore, customers would trust your company even more and would be more willing to recommend you to family and friends.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Indoor directory signs are part of the customer service of the company. So, when you’re able to successfully provide the information that your consumers need, such as the list of doctors per department for hospitals and list of tenants in a mall, then it’s more likely that they’re happy and satisfied.

Creates Engagement and Brand Image

A directory sign that is digital and high-tech gives customers the impression that your brand is contemporary. Consumers of this generation truly appreciate it when they see modern solutions to age-old problems. Plus, you can easily incorporate engaging and entertaining features in your signage which will generate a good impact towards them.

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