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If your business uses company vehicles while traveling to clients or transporting products, you need to leverage custom vehicle wraps to your advantage. Whether your business uses a car, van, truck, or an entire fleet, vehicle wraps will advertise your business 24/7 when you’re driving or parked. Vehicle wraps work hard to spread the word about your brand and establish credibility. In fact, vehicle wraps have the power to create more impressions than any other type of signage, which means you benefit from greater brand awareness within your community. They are one of the most affordable options to advertise as once installed, they start spreading awareness about your business in Orlando and will keep doing that until you chose to remove or change to a new one.

We at Visual Signs and Graphics specialize in offering custom vehicle wraps in Orlando, FL, and nearby areas. We strive to deliver effective business signs to our clients that help them reach their marketing goals while keeping the expenses to a minimum. All our custom wraps are made from high-quality vinyl to ensure premium appearance and sturdiness. We always keep our clients in the loop at every stage to make sure they are getting exactly what they are looking for. From the ideation of designs to complete installation, we take care of every detail.

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4 Tips to Design A Perfect Customized Vehicle Wrap for Your Orlando Business

  • Blend It With Your Brand: The design of your vehicle wrap should reflect your brand in every way. Keeping your brand’s colors, fonts, and logo in the design is very important to keep the overall design aligned with your brand. Always remember, your vehicle wrap is an extension of your brand and at no cost, you should alter the design if it is drifting away from your brand. Also, it is important to make sure that your design should not be a look-alike with any others as it can confuse your target audience.
  • Clear Message: Anyone who is going to come across your message will have a very short time to pay attention to your message. Therefore, you should make sure that whatever you are planning to convey to your potential customers, it should be very clear and even a glance should be enough to provide its essence. It is also very important that the font should be readable from a distance, this will protect your brand against situations where the design catches attention, but the message was not clear.
  • Clear Image: An image can amplify your message’s reach many folds if, it is placed right. If you are planning to include any image in your design, just make sure you are using a high-quality image. A bad quality image can turn off interest from a potential customer very quickly. Avoid using images that were clicked long back or not up to the quality.
  • Be Creative: Your message should be interesting; it should trigger laughter or make them think. As custom vehicle wraps are an extension of your brand, you cannot afford to sound boring. Also, vehicle wraps in Orlando, FL, are a long-term investment and normally they last for a minimum of 3-5 years. So, plan your message accordingly that it should stay relevant in the future as well.

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