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If your business uses company vehicles while traveling to clients or transporting products, you need to leverage custom vehicle wraps to your advantage. Whether your business uses a car, van, truck, or an entire fleet, vehicle wraps will advertise your business 24/7 when you’re driving or parked. Vehicle wraps work hard to spread the word about your brand and establish credibility. In fact, vehicle wraps have the power to create more impressions than any other type of signage, which means you benefit from greater brand awareness within your community. They are one of the most affordable options to advertise as once installed, they start spreading awareness about your business in Orlando and will keep doing that until you chose to remove or change to a new one.

We at Visual Signs and Graphics specialize in offering custom vehicle wraps in Orlando, FL, and nearby areas. We strive to deliver effective business signs to our clients that help them reach their marketing goals while keeping the expenses to a minimum. All our custom wraps are made from high-quality vinyl to ensure premium appearance and sturdiness. We always keep our clients in the loop at every stage to make sure they are getting exactly what they are looking for. From the ideation of designs to complete installation, we take care of every detail.

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4 Tips to Design A Perfect Customized Vehicle Wrap for Your Orlando Business

Turn your company vehicle into a dynamic mobile billboard
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Frequently Asked Questions

A quality vinyl wrap from a reputed supplier like Avery or 3M can last anywhere between three and seven years. The longevity of the wrap also depends on its finish and maintenance.

Wraps will accumulate scratches over time as your vehicles spend time driving on the road. Prolonged exposure to road salt during winters and parking vehicles under the sun will shorten the lifespan of your wraps.

A well-designed wrap can transform a vehicle into a mobile billboard for the business. It’s a great way to reach a vast local audience and get your brand noticed. Team eye-catching designs up with compelling calls-to-action to generate leads.

Wraps also protect the car’s bodywork and paint from minor scratches and dents. That can mean a higher resale value when it comes time to sell.

Small and mid-sized businesses in Orlando rely on vinyl wraps to maximize their marketing budget. According to a 3M study, vehicle wraps can generate upwards of 16 million views every year in a large city like Orlando.

Wraps are also one of the most cost-effective forms of outdoor advertising you’ll find. Wraps offer around six times the value of traditional billboards and nearly 50 times the value of a TV spot.

A commercial vinyl wrap can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a single-sided business sticker to a few thousand for a custom, full-body wrap. The cost of a vehicle wrap depends on the following:

  • Size of the vehicle
  • Finish of the wrap
  • Design

Don’t forget to include the cost of labor in the price of your wrap.

Wrapping a car is cheaper than repainting it. An average paint job for a vehicle can set you back anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. If you opt for a specialized paint or a custom paint job with graphics or your business name, expect the price to skyrocket.

Small, single-sided wraps start in the low hundreds of dollars. A full-body wrap will generally top out at around $3,000.

Note that painting a vehicle takes much longer (if you get it done professionally), increasing labor charges.

Wraps are a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses like yours market and advertises to millions of people every year. Some of the greatest advantages of getting a wrap include:

  • Promoting your business day and night.
  • Making your business appear more professional.
  • Establishing trust with customers.
  • Making an impact in your community.
  • Protecting your paintwork from scratches.

However, getting a wrap also means:

  • You can’t transfer the wrap to another vehicle.
  • Using the car for non-commercial uses can be awkward (consider vehicle branding magnets instead).

Talk to an experienced vehicle wrapping expert in Orlando to learn if a vehicle wrap will deliver the value you expect.

If your vinyl wrap is applied, maintained, and removed by professional installers, it should not damage the original paintwork. At Visual Signs, we only use quality adhesives and vinyl wraps that don’t damage the OEM paint; they preserve it.

What if your vehicle has rust or scratches? Wraps can be installed on blemishes, even preventing further corrosion.

Absolutely, you can wash a wrapped car without worry. You can even drive vehicles with vinyl wraps through a brushless car wash.

The only precautions you need to take are not using:

  1. A power wash on the wrap.
  2. Abrasive soaps and cleansers.
  3. Hand-held scrubbers or waxing tools.

Washing and waxing your vehicles by hand is perfectly safe.

Installing a vinyl wrap can cost from $400 to around $3,000 for the printed vinyl wrap. You will also have to factor in the labor charges to install the wraps. Talk to one of our vinyl wrap specialists for an accurate estimate for your vehicle.

Trying to save on labor charges? It can prove costly in the long run, especially if trim comes loose or lights stop functioning. If you work with an inexperienced team, there’s also a greater chance of misaligned wraps and air bubbles.

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