Best Custom Lobby Signs Orlando

Bring your lobby to life with custom-made lobby signs by Visual Signs. Instantly command your visitors’ attention, while also providing them clear directions and guidance.

Picture walking into a modern corporate lobby area. The space is clean, contemporary, and inviting – but you have no idea how or where to meet your contact, due to a lack of office lobby signs. Now picture that same space again, but this time imagine a visually striking lobby sign featuring the company’s logo, and an arrow clearly pointing you toward their office space. That’s quite a difference in your first impression!

Dimensional lobby signs can further enhance visual impact. This type of signage uses techniques like custom-cut metal letters (called dimensional letters) set onto an attractive backing frame. The completed product shows inherent physical depth, and the letters seem to “pop” off the face of the frame. You might also choose effects such as: stand-off lettering, which creates distance between the letters and the frame; internal or external LED lighting; or glass frames that deliver natural depth and reflective beauty.

Lobby Sign

Benefits of Custom Lobby Signs

Creating a fully customized office lobby sign can set your business apart and help you truly own your space. Regardless of which sign type you choose, your business will realize these benefits:


Reinforce and highlight your brand.

Capture new visitors thanks to eye-catching signage.

Quickly and clearly direct your visitors toward your office space. This is particularly important on floors where multiple businesses share the space.

Welcome your visitors with a professional but personable touch, and set the tone for your visitor experience.

Make guests feel at ease in your lobby while they await appointments.

Office Reception Area Signs

Often (but not always), reception desks are part of the lobby area. We shouldn’t overlook the power of custom reception signs! The primary purpose of reception signs, of course, is directing visitors to the reception area and staff.

That said, reception area signs can accomplish much more! You can use them to set the tone and express your corporate persona. Warm and inviting? Contemporary and cool? Polished and professional? With custom reception signs, you get to decide which attributes to highlight – before your visitors even meet your staff.

Whatever design you choose, reception area signs featuring your company’s name and logo lend immediate credibility. They also reinforce your brand, reassure your visitors that they’ve reached the right office, and help make your office lobby and waiting area an inviting space.

Types of Office Lobby & Reception Area Signs for Businesses in Orlando, FL

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