CFRP Installs Post and Panel Warning Signs That Meet Strict Branding Requirements


Central Florida Research Park needed post and panel signs for their large property to protect it from trespassers and to display the warnings. Moreover, the signs had to meet strict requirements for color and finish. We prepared custom signs using a multi-stage process to achieve the desired appearance without compromising durability.


Custom post and panel signs prepared

Specialized Primer

To achieve the desired color and finish


Services included sign fabrication, graphic printing, and installation

Industry:  Research and Development 

Central Florida Research Park (CFRP) is located next to the main University of Central Florida campus. CFRP required warning signs on their property to prevent trespassing and other issues. The pole signs needed to have a very specific color and finish. 

Visual Signs started by procuring signs in unfinished aluminum and preparing them to achieve the desired color and finish. We used a specialized primer and paint to get the exact shade of gray and matte finish that CFRP wanted. We then printed and installed the graphics onto the signs. 

CFRP was extremely pleased with the outcome. They are using their signs to keep potential trespassers off their property and displaying appropriate warnings to passersby. We prepared 20 commercial signs, each meeting the specific color and finish requirements.

About Central Florida Research Park
Central Florida Research Park is the fourth largest research park in the United States (by number of companies) and the largest in Florida. CFRP is home to a research-centric industry, including companies such as Aon Hewitt, AT&T, Boeing, Cisco, and HP. It even hosts the United States Department of Defense. CFRP spans an area of more than 1,000 acres.

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