How Can Your Business Benefit From Lobby Directory Signs?


Lobby directory signs may seem like a no-brainer. People need to get around your building, so a directory sign is a practical choice to help them do so. However, wayfinding signs, like other custom indoor signs, accomplish many purposes at once. Your business can benefit from directional signs in many ways. Here are just a few ways.

Advertise Your Services

Does everyone in your building do the same thing? Your customer may come in looking for one service, but when they see another on the directory sign, they may also decide to purchase the other. A great example is a physiotherapists office. A client comes in looking for physical therapy for a sports injury. But then they see from your directional sign that you also do occupational therapy, massage, and dietary advice. They may book an appointment for one of these services too.

In this way, directional lobby signs can help spark interest in other services, even when the customer doesn’t feel like they are being directly advertised to. Doctor’s offices, legal offices, accountants, and so many more professions can take advantage of these signs to communicate to customers that they offer other services their customers may need.

Speed Up Your Workflow 

Chances are, your office space isn’t laid out very efficiently. How easy is it for your newest customers to find their way around? Getting lost, even momentarily, is frustrating for your customer and it costs your staff time. If customers get lost for a few minutes a week, that adds up to a lot of your time every year. How many delayed appointments have thrown your whole day off? Make it easier for your customers and yourself with clear lobby directional signs. 

ADA Compliant Signs

ADA compliant signs help those with disabilities navigate your office space. While they are legally mandatory, you still benefit from putting effort into these signs. You want customers with disabilities to feel comfortable when interacting with your business. Plus, you want all your customers to know you care about them and the impact your business has on everyone.

Build Your Brand Image

Your lobby signs are a customer’s first impression of you. A clear sign, that communicates a lot of important information and looks good, helps build your brand image. Of course, when customers know you go the extra mile to make your business easy for them to navigate, that raises their impression of you as well.

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