Vehicle Wraps Case Study for The Donut Hub in Orlando, FL

There are so many ways to advertise and promote your business, many can get overwhelmed when looking at their endless possibilities. One thing is for sure vehicle graphics are one of those options that can make a lasting and memorable impression whether the vehicle is stopped or moving, its 24hr marketing with the ability to hit multiple locations and multiple demographics.

Vehicle wraps can get to be a little pricey so when investing in them you want to make sure that you love your design and the content that’s on it. At Visual Signs our graphic designer works closely with our customers and designs based on their existing branding instead of just putting their contact information the corner.

Our graphic designer has a personal process that she goes through to ensure our customer gets the highest quality design:

Our most recent vehicle wrap was for a local food truck here in Orlando, The Donut Hub, some of the BEST donuts in the Central Florida area by the way. When we first met with the owner Chad, he didn’t really have in mind what exactly he wanted, all he knew was the content he needed on it. Our designer went over some options with him and he wanted to make sure that the design stood out like his logo and kept the “fun” look.

From the information she had, our designer was able to create something amazing for Chad and he loves it! His social media was going crazy right after which shows the affect a vehicle wrap can do. There are so many pros to commercial vehicle wraps, these are only a few:

We could go on and on about why commercial vehicle wraps can be so beneficial for a company but we would be here for a while. If you’re ready to take that step to have 24/7 advertisement contact us today and set up a site survey and get a FREE quote while you’re at it!

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