Custom LED Signs in Orlando, FL

Our creative designs have become the talk of the city! Make your business stand out with eye-catching illuminated signs too! Choose from standard and custom LED lighting options for new or existing signs. LEDs have transformed lighting for signage, making lighted signs affordable for every business. LEDs are so energy efficient that many owners leave them on all day and all night!

We offer a full range of LED, neon, and spotlighting for indoor and outdoor signage.

We work with all types of businesses in Orlando – restaurants, cafes, boutiques, start-ups, service providers, franchisees, healthcare providers, professional firms, and many more – for centerpiece LED signs. Talk to a representative today about your requirements.

LED Channel Letters Sign Orlando

What is an LED Signage?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has revolutionized lighting in signage. Where bulbs and neon are large, energy-guzzling, and require a dedicated lightbox behind the sign, LEDs are even brighter without any of the hassle.

LEDs are used to create front lighting, backlighting, halo lighting, spotlighting for all types of signs. They are also used to recreate the ‘neon effect’ (tubes of light) and project patterns onto the sidewalk. Simply, any design or color of illumination you dream of can be brought to life!

There are many uses of LED neon signs, including as storefront, wayfinding, emergency exit, and digital panels. From the humble ‘Open’ sign in the door to large building signs installed on Orlando high-rises, LEDs are used everywhere. 


Types of LED signs

Choose the vinyl configuration that best meets your needs.

We stock and build all types of indoor and outdoor LED signs. Choose from an inventory of standard light-up signs or design your own to incorporate your branding. LEDs are available in full RGB colors.

Our signs can be built as channel letters, dimensional letters, raceway signs, electronic monument signs, cabinet boxes, pylon signs, free-standing LED signage, acrylic LED signs, and more. Talk to a representative about getting LED lighting for a new or existing sign in Orlando.

Are you worried about the cost of LED signs? An experienced team will help you design signs that suit your budget.


Outdoor Business Signs

Neon Sign Maker in Orlando, FL

Neon signs are a great way to create a unique ambiance. These are comprised of gas tubes containing neon gas (or another gas) that emits light when the electrical power is applied. Neon comes in a wide variety of colors and brightness levels, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Types of neon-lit signs

We build custom neon signs in all shapes and colors (some of the most popular ones being blue, red, and yellow). Though neon signage requires more electricity to operate than LED signs, our cutting-edge technologies help reduce the cost of using neon. 


Full-Service LED Neon Sign Company Near Orlando, Florida

Visual Signs is one of the few full-service signage companies in Orlando, FL. Our team handles all aspects of sign design in-house.


In addition to a large range of lighting options, we offer a wide selection of such as wood, aluminum, plastic, acrylic, and glass.

Talk to us about your design and requirements.

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