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Pole signs are a durable, versatile signage option for businesses. A wide range of sign faces can be installed on poles. Outdoor pole signs are weather-resistant and require no maintenance. Choose a standard pole and sign or personalize them for your business.

Our team helps businesses with installation permits and compliance with health and safety laws.

We work with small businesses, neighborhood watch committees, offices, stadiums, private parking lots, first responders, and others for their pole signs—a great option for managing traffic, advertising, concealing CCTV, and WiFi equipment.

Our team helps businesses navigate local bylaws too. We can provide professional design specifications to meet municipal requirements. Talk to a representative today and discuss your requirements.

Custom Pole Signs in Orlando, FL

What is a Pole Sign?

Pole signs are free-standing signs that can be used indoors and outdoors. Signs consist of a pole and a sign face mounted atop it. There are two main types of pole signs: single pole signs (used for small signs); and twin pole signs (suitable for larger signs).

Depending on its size and location, a pole-mounted sign may be installed into a hard gravel base, concrete base, or asphalt.  Some signs are designed to be easily removable; others are cemented into place. We offer a wide selection of trim pieces and concealers to decorate poles.

Uses of Pole Signs

Custom Pole Signs & Pylon Sign

As a full-service pole sign company in Orlando, we can create any type of commercial pole sign. Customers can design stylized pole signs in themes such as country, industrial, wooden, or mimic road signs. Our signs can be configured with LED illumination (lighting, flashing, and digital displays).

Choose from a wide range of materials and design options to keep the cost of pole signs within budget. Customize everything:


We are one of just a few sign companies in Orlando that can design, build, install, and maintain signs in-house. We only work with established installation partners for high-quality, safe installation.

Stop searching for “pole signs near me” – work with the best sign company in Orlando!

The Best Pole Sign Company in Orlando

That’s a big claim, and we have the track record to back it up! We are trusted by businesses and institutions across the city for large, public signs. We adhere to the highest standards of construction for safe, long-lasting pole signage. An experienced team works with you to secure permits from the local government. Our goal isn’t just to build signs for you; we want to give you a great signage experience!

Visual Signs is a one-stop-shop for all types of indoor and outdoor signage in Orlando. We also build storefront signs, digital displays, and more.

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