High-Quality Vinyl Signs & Signage in Orlando

Choose from an almost unlimited selection of vinyl signs, banners, graphics, stickers, and more. We print small and large vinyl graphics for indoor and outdoor applications. Fast printing, perfect results, everything! Just send us your design and installation requirements, and you’ll have banners ready-to-go in no time at all.

We offer all state-of-the-art vinyl sign printing, custom cuts, colors, and design printing. Safe, non-destructive adhesives can be used to stick signs to a range of flat surfaces too.

Visual Signs accepts bulk and urgent vinyl printing orders too!

Whether you need a sign for a school prom or for citywide marketing, our team can have your signs ready on time. Our signs are used at commercial premises, at product launches, corporate events, stadiums, during campaigning, and more. We are a great option for marketing companies and event organizers that need a partner that can keep up with their fast pace.

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What is a Vinyl Sign?

Vinyl is a durable material that is great for indoor and outdoor alike. It is available in a wide range of finishes, weights (thickness), and colors. Designs are printed onto vinyl sheets and then cut into custom shapes (if required). Modern vinyl paints resist fade, and signs themselves are resistant to wear and tear.

Since vinyl is flexible, it can be made to conform to curves, and signs can be installed in a variety of ways. Vinyl is also extremely portable, being lightweight and easy to roll up. These signs are a great marketing and branding tool, available to order at a pinch.

Types of vinyl signs

Choose the vinyl configuration that best meets your needs.

Unlike big box stores, we don’t tell our customers what is not possible. At Visual Signs, every type of banner can become a reality!

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Uses of Vinyl Signs

Their low weight and portability mean that vinyl banners and signs are used widely in Orlando. That they are water-resistant makes banners particularly convenient for outdoor advertising. Signs are used for a wide range of promotional activity, including: 

Whatever your requirements, we can make it happen. Our team prepares banners for all types of uses and applications. Just tell us what the sign is for and the installation requirements, and we’ll prepare the right solution for you.

Best Vinyl Signs Printing Near You in Orlando, FL

Stop searching for “vinyl printing near me” and visit the best sign store in Orlando. Our signs are printed in-house using state-of-the-art machinery. A strict quality assurance process ensures signs are pristine at delivery – no rips, tears, creases, or smudges to worry about here!

At Visual Signs, we don’t see ourselves as just another vinyl sign shop in Orlando, FL. We want to be great marketing partners. Whether you need just one banner or hundreds, we have the capability and capacity to deliver your order on time.

Talk to us about your requirements and timelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on the type of signs you’ve got. Ones such as retractable signs, tradeshow signs, and banners can be reused easily. In fact, our customers get years of use (and value) out of their vinyl signs by reusing them. However, ones that have been pasted, such as wall and window decals, cannot be reused because the adhesive isn’t effective after the sign is removed.

Vinyl banners are made of a material called polyvinyl chloride. It’s one of the most abundant polymers in the world. It hits the sweet spot between cost and durability, making vinyl banners some of the most popular signs around.

There are hundreds of types of vinyl, each suited for specific applications, which is why you should speak to our team before ordering yours.

Vinyl banners are essential signage for any business. They are an incredibly cost-effective way to advertise, brand, and guide; no wonder you’ll find them at almost every event or office space. Banners are incredibly customizable, meaning you can display whatever design you want and get the design just right.

Vinyl stickers are not designed to be reused; once you peel them off, the adhesive tends to lose much of its effectiveness. On the flip side, vinyl stickers are some of the most inexpensive signs you can get, meaning ordering an additional set will not break the bank. It’s why our customers even use them to personalize packages and even hand them out to customers as giveaways.

Vinyl stickers are not designed to be moved once they’ve been installed. If you peel the sticker and try to re-paste it elsewhere, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t hold for very long. The adhesive isn’t designed to be reused. If you are looking for reusable vinyl signs, we have dozens of options that can be moved and reused, too.

Flex is a material that’s used to transfer the design onto a surface, such as a flex board, it is not usually used as a signage material itself. That’s because flex is soft and isn’t suitable for use as standalone signage.

Vinyl, or PVC, is a more durable material and is used widely for signage. You’ll find everything from vinyl banners to vinyl stickers. Like flex, you can print any design and cut vinyl to any shape.

Permanent vinyl is ideal for use on outdoor signs, as car decals, floor graphics, and even for things like mugs. Permanent vinyl can be removed, but, beware it can leave marks on the surface. We don’t recommend using permanent vinyl on walls, as it can damage the paintwork when you do decide to remove it.

Vinyl stickers are water-resistant, meaning they can handle minor spills and splashes. However, things like hot water, ice, and prolonged exposure to moisture can cause the sign to warp and fade prematurely.

Outdoor and permanent vinyl are more water-resistant and are designed to withstand rainfall and even washing.

Expect wall vinyl to last anywhere from several months to several years. That’s not particularly helpful, we know, but the life of your wall vinyl depends on the conditions it’s installed in. Exposure to moisture, sunlight, and extreme temperatures can prematurely wear out the sign. Tell us where you plan to install your sign so our team can select the most appropriate vinyl for your needs.

Most people think all vinyl is the same, but that’s simply not the case! There are hundreds (probably thousands) of types of vinyl that you can choose from. Each is designed for specific uses, and offers its own benefits and compromises. For example, 3M’s Envision wrap is great for wall murals, but Oracal’s 451 material is ideal for vinyl banners.

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