Case Study: Customizing Perfect Lobby Sign for Your Business

Lobby signs are one of the first things your customer will see that promotes your business, so obviously you want that first impression to be the best it can possibly be. Luckily lobby signs are completely customizable, so you have tons of options to choose from to make your sign perfect!

With any business, the branding is one of the most important aspects to promoting your business, having a sign to match your branding can be extremely beneficial, for example if your business is more rustic you could go for a brushed metal face, wood, steel, you name it and you can most likely do it! We often get asked what the most common kinds of lobby signs are:

Case study of custom lobby sign for IPRG client

IPRG inquired with us about a lobby sign because they wanted their office to stand out but also to direct their customers to the right place. They had been dealing with people mistaking them for another business, so they needed proper signage. Having interior signage can clearly direct visitors or customers toward your office. This is important on floors or in buildings where multiple businesses share the space.

At first, they were looking for dimensional letters but didn’t realize that there were many other options. They wanted something that would best display their logo and wanted it to look very sleek and simple. During the site survey, we were able to get a better idea of the office space we were working with and we thought that the space would suit stud mounted acrylic with vinyl, which was also more cost friendly, which was one of their concerns. They were able to customize everything from the studs to the vinyl.

Lobby signs are a great addition to any office and can really help promote your business and can also help capture new customers with eye-catching signage! If you are interested in learning more about lobby signs you can give us a call today and receive a FREE quote (407)-693-0200!

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