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Custom ADA Wayfinding Sign

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All Types of Wayfinding Signs Available

What is wayfinding signage? Wayfinding signs are used to show people around the premises. However, businesses can use them to showcase promotions and grow brand awareness too.

Browse from a large selection of pre-designed templates or personalize your signs from scratch. We produce all types of indoor and outdoor signs.

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Benefits and Uses of Wayfinding Signs

Unlike other sign companies, we don’t make you settle for standard templates. Our customers rely on us to elevate the visitor experience and make an unforgettable impression.

Design Custom Wayfinding Signs for Your Premises

You can do much better than just using printable wayfinding signs you found on the internet. Work with a creative team that helps you personalize signs for your business.

Our team sits with you to understand your requirements. We’ll suggest designs and options that maximize utility as well as a marketing opportunity. 

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Branded Wayfinding Signs for Your Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wayfinding signs are ones used to show occupants the way around a business’s premises. These can be ones such as directional arrows, directory signs, door signs, and floor graphics. Wayfinding signs, also called directional signs, are a great way to improve visitor experience and promote the business’s branding.

Some of the most common examples of wayfinding signs are:

  • Outdoor directional arrows – showing the way to parking spots.
  • Indoor directional arrows – showing the way to key areas or ongoing promotions.
  • Directories – listing the business’s presence in the building.
  • Door signs – labeling the door and displaying the name of the occupant or the purpose of the room.

Signage, in a traditional sense, is used to grow brand awareness and advertise a business’s products and services. Wayfinding signs are used to guide visitors around commercial premises and generally provide them with a pleasant experience. You can combine branding and wayfinding with personalized wayfinding signs.

Wayfinding signs are essential for allowing visitors to navigate your space comfortably and without assistance. They reduce visitor frustration and can improve visitor experience if installed at the right places. Pay attention to traffic flow at your establishment and what visitors are looking for to find the right wayfinding signs.

Wayfinding refers to how people make their way around a space, such as a building. Navigation refers to the means that people use to find their way. In simple terms, wayfinding signs help people navigate around your space. For instance, a wayfinding sign such as an arrow pointing to “Checkout” allows shoppers to navigate easily to the cashier.

Wayfinding in a traditional sense is about helping people navigate a physical space. In the case of signage, for instance, a graphic designer will use bold, brighter elements for key elements to draw the eye, then smaller elements to provide detail.

You’ll be surprised to hear about the impact of wayfinding signs even on small spaces. Customers, today, expect every space they visit to be labeled correctly and be easy to navigate. For a restaurant that means showing the way to the washrooms; a supermarket must label aisles clearly. And those are the biggest benefits of wayfinding signs: adding convenience and improving visitor experience.

Directional signage helps visitors navigate your space on their own and reduce anxiety. A common example of directional signs are those used to point the way to washrooms, another is that of signage showing the way to the elevator. In either case, directional signage allows visitors to move around freely and saves you from having to answer the same question every time someone walks in.

ADA wayfinding signs are ones designed to ADA standards, i.e. they meet the various requirements laid down by the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA requirements are things like:

  • A minimum sign size
  • Installation surface and height
  • Contrast between font and background
  • Universal pictorials
  • Braille lettering

This may be a bit impartial, but we think the best place for wayfinding signs in Orlando is right here at Visual Signs. We design, prepare, and install all types of wayfinding signs, and offer a turnkey experience. You will work with a professional signage team that’s committed to helping you find signs that deliver value.

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