Custom Murals for Walls

Improve Visitor Experiences and Boost Morale with Custom Wall Murals

Redecorate, refresh, and rejuvenate your office without the expense or hassle of painting. Whether you want to display corporate artwork, motivational quotes, or show off a portfolio of your work, we’ll help you bring your vision to life.

Work with a creative team that designs eye-catching graphics for your space. We’ll spend time with you to understand your needs, helping you engage customers and motivate employees with wallpaper murals.

Book a free consultation with a leading company for the best murals for walls near you to get started.

Custom Wall Murals for School in Orlando, FL
Large Wallpaper Murals by Visual Signs in Orlando, FL

Create a Contemporary, Comfortable Space with Orlando Murals

Settling for beige and white walls in the office isn’t just bad for morale, it can hurt your sales too. Give your space the makeover it needs with Orlando wall murals.

Choose from a wide range of murals, including:

Benefit from the expertise of our team, a fully-equipped printing facility, and a can-do attitude to bring your dream décor to life. We never tell you what’s not possible, we bring your vision to life!

3D Wall Murals
3D Wall Murals

Make Your Office the Talk of Town

Make your workspace your own by branding it with cohesive environmental graphics. We design custom wall murals that incorporate your branding, match your decor, and energize your space.

Our removable wall murals allow you to refresh your space easily and affordably. That means you can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and seasonal themes without breaking the bank.

Enjoy professional service from a team that’s committed to making your experience completely seamless. We’ll take care of the design, printing, and installation so you can focus on growing your business.

Getting Personalized Murals and Wallpapers Is Easy

Whether you’re ordering graphics for the first time or an interior design professional yourself, we’re the team for you. Bring your dream designs to life with a team that makes the best wall murals as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Create stunning designs – Tell us to create branded designs for your space or send us your designs. We’ll share proofs with you to make sure you’re satisfied.
  2. Place your order – Finalize the project, and we’ll start preparing your graphics. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way and make sure you’re involved in the process.
  3. Transform your space – Watch as your murals go up. We only work with professional installers and ensure you’re satisfied.

At Visual Signs, “good enough” is never good enough. Customer service is our topmost priority, and we don’t consider a project complete until you are satisfied.

Indoor Wall Murals

Work with a Leading Company for Murals and Wallpapers

Our team loves to make spaces pop, not just manufacture signage. We aren’t just another sign company in Orlando for wall murals, we’re real marketing partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a wall mural depends on how large it is, the type of vinyl that’s used, and the finish you choose.

Don’t forget about the labor costs if you have the wall mural installed by professionals. Expect an additional charge for shipping costs if you want it delivered to your office.

Wall murals are completely customizable – from the shape and size to the colors and design. We can create any type of vinyl wall mural you want. Some types of murals our customers use are:

  • Architectural murals –Create a brick or stone wall effect.
  • Artistic murals –Display artwork, photos, and more.
  • Branding – Display your business name, logo, and branding elements.
  • Functional – Provide directions, warnings, and more.
  • Inspirational – Show quotes, major milestones, and more.

Think of wall murals as large, customized stickers that you can simply paste on your walls and peel off without leaving marks behind. Wall murals are vinyl sheets that have a design printed on them. They can be large or small, rectangular, or any custom shape you want. You can personalize the size, style, design, and even the material vinyl wall murals are made of.

Vinyl wall murals can be installed on walls, windows, glass partitions, and other smooth surfaces.

Wall murals are an incredibly affordable and customizable way to transform your space. Our customers use them for everything from:

  • Changing the colors of walls without repainting.
  • Promoting sales and new product launches.
  • Displaying inspirational messages, quotes, and expressions.
  • Displaying artwork.
  • Refreshing the décor.
  • Branding the workplace.
  • Improving privacy (by installing them on glass partitions).

The first step of making wall murals is finalizing the design. You can send us your design or tell us to prepare one for you. Once you approve it, we’ll send it to our printing team.

Our team will lay out the design on a digital template to make sure it fits the vinyl sheet and include marks for cutting. Then we’ll find the gauge of vinyl that’s best suited for your application and start the printing process.

We use digital printing and special inks to achieve high-resolution prints and a smudge-free finish. Once that’s done (and the ink is stable), we’ll cut the vinyl sheet to the desired shape.

Finally, adhesives and protective sheets (front and back) are applied, and the wall mural is ready to ship. There are a few more steps that go into making wall murals, but we can’t give away all our secrets for printing high-quality wall murals!

It depends on your needs. A small graphic (let’s say about 24” X 24”) can take an hour or two, but anything larger or with complex shapes will likely take longer to install.

If you’re not feeling confident about installing your vinyl wall murals, give us a call. We‘ll send over professional installers and save you from those nagging air bubbles.

Yes, vinyl wall murals will resist minor scratches (and spills). Think of wall murals as a more resilient form of paint. That means if you brush against the mural or put your show against it, it shouldn’t scratch. However, repeated wear and tear will gradually scratch the paint.

If you rub them with hard objects (such as car keys) or clean them regularly with a cloth, they are more likely to get damaged.

Wall murals should last 6-8 years with little or no maintenance or special care. In fact, we recently heard from a client that they were taking down their original murals 12 years after installing them because they were moving offices!

Note that things like extreme temperatures and changes in humidity will affect the longevity of the mural. Direct sunlight and artificial lighting will also fade inks over time.

One of the best ways to make your vinyl wall murals last longer is by installing them away from HVAC ducts.

No, our vinyl wall decals use a tried-and-tested adhesive that’s safe to install on painted surfaces. The decal should also remove without leaving residue or adhesive stains on your wall.

Beware! Some non-oil-based paints may be unsuitable. Any sticker, not just our decals, can pull paint off the wall. When removing your decal, lift it gently from a corner, and peel it gently. Jerking or pulling at it with force will damage the paint.

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