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Get the Classic Neon Look Without the Classic Neon Headaches

Install eye-catching LED neon signs and take your marketing to the next level. Work with a leading sign company in Orlando that’s helping businesses get the neon look without the hassle.

Take advantage of the incredible ‘neon look’ without its drawbacks – electricity and maintenance costs. Our LED signs look just like neon but cost a fraction to operate. 

Visual Signs is making neon signage much more affordable for everyone. Our signs are so energy efficient that businesses leave them on even during the day. And LEDs can last up to 25 times longer than traditional neon tubes.

Book a free consultation with an expert LED neon light signs maker today. We build all types of indoor and outdoor signs.

Custom LED Signage for Business
Custom LED Signage for Business
LED Signs for Business
LED Signs for Business

Get All Types of Neon Signs in Orlando

Discover the benefits of the attractive neon aesthetic – whatever your industry and business. Choose from a wide range of styles for LED light-up signs. 

Don’t see the type of signs you’re looking for? Unlike other companies that offer “neon signs near me,” we build completely personalized signs.

What is a Neon Sign?

Traditional neon signs are like shaped fluorescent tube lights. They are made from a durable tube that contains a combination of neon, argon, and mercury. The gases start to glow when electricity is applied. 

Traditional neon signs have fallen out of favor because they:

Custom LED neon signs do away with all these drawbacks – keeping only the best aspects of neon signs.

Our signs use LEDs and acrylic shapes in your design. That means safe signs without dangerous chemicals, changeable colors, and complete personalization.

Benefits of LED Neon Light Signs

Get the classic neon look with the dependability of LEDs. Focus on growing your business, not worrying if your sign is functioning:

Are you still using an old neon sign? Upgrade to an LED neon sign, and the electricity savings alone will pay for it in a matter of months!

Custom LED Neon Signage
Custom LED Neon Signage

Uses of Neon Signs

Businesses in Orlando use their signs to attract customers and build brand awareness. Use your signs to:

Work with a team that doesn’t just build attractive signs; our signs will help you grow your business. An experienced signage professional will help you keep the cost of neon signs within budget.

Work With the Best LED Neon Sign Company in Orlando

Discover the difference that working with a creative team in Orlando makes. Enjoy white-glove service from an LED neon signs maker that takes care of every aspect of signage:

Your satisfaction is our topmost priority. For us, the project isn’t complete until you are satisfied.

Book a free consultation for LED neon signs online and discuss your requirements today.

The purpose of neon signs is to grab people’s attention. Our eyes are drawn to bright lights, especially when it gets dark out. When you install neon signs, you boost your branding and the current campaign you have in place. You also increase daily impressions when you install a neon sign to recreate that vintage feel for your Orlando business.

Neon signs are made from delicate glass tubes and can easily break if mishandled or exposed to sudden impacts. However, neon signs are designed to be durable and are capable of withstanding normal wear and tear, such as vibrations and temperature changes, without breaking. With proper installation and maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of a neon sign and prevent it from breaking prematurely.

Yes, neon signs use gas to produce their bright, colorful glow. The gas is contained within glass tubes bent into the desired shape and sealed at both ends. When an electrical current passes through the gas inside the tubes, it excites the gas atoms and causes them to emit light.

The different gases used in neon signs produce different colors, with neon gas producing a bright red-orange glow, and other gases such as argon and helium producing different colors such as blue, purple, and yellow.

The lifespan of a neon sign can vary depending on several factors, such as the quality of the components used, the frequency of use, and the level of maintenance performed. However, a well-made neon sign can last for many years, typically between 8 to 15 years on average, with proper maintenance.

Neon signs can be expensive to produce because it requires skilled craftsmanship to create the glass tubes, and shape them into the desired design. Furthermore, the cost of the gas, electrodes, and other components used to create the sign can also contribute to the overall cost.

However, a well-designed neon sign is worth the investment for businesses looking to create a memorable signage for advertising or decorative purposes.

When properly installed and maintained, neon signs are generally safe to use. The electrical components of a neon sign can pose a potential safety risk if they are not handled or installed properly. But this risk can be minimized by following appropriate safety guidelines and working with a qualified professional for installation and maintenance.

Yes, neon signs require electricity to operate. Neon signs produce a bright glow by passing an electrical current through the gas inside the glass tubes, which ionizes the gas and causes it to emit light. The transformer supplies the electrical current, which converts the voltage of the electrical current to the high voltage needed to ionize the gas.

LED neon signs are better than traditional neon signs because they’re mercury-free, only need minimal servicing, are waterproof, and lights can last up to 25,000 hours. It means that LED neon signs are more energy efficient than neon signs. Compared to traditional neon signs, LED signs also have a wider range of colors.

Although neon signs produce warmer colors and have more aesthetically pleasing lights, LED signs are brighter and can be noticed at farther distances. This is because LED signs use light-emitting diodes that can produce a high level of brightness, which is why many businesses prefer to install their LED signs outdoors.

The main reason why neon is expensive is because of the materials used to make it. It uses glass tubes bent to your preferred design and uses gases like argon, neon, and krypton, filled into the tubes to produce the lights. That being said, they are definitely worth the investment as they add to your marketing strategy!

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