Custom Vinyl Lettering in Orlando

Get Creative Wall Lettering for Your Business

Customize your office in a few simple steps with vinyl wall letters. Completely personalized and easy to install, our customers love our wall letters. 

Renting an office in Orlando? Transform plain walls into interesting showpieces with lettering. Our letters let you decorate your office without damaging the paintwork or leaving holes in the walls.

Did you know letters aren’t your only option? Get logos, symbols, and graphics in vinyl to complement your message.

Send us your design, or get a quote for your stickers today. 

Custom Vinyl Lettering
Custom Vinyl Lettering
Wall Graphics for Office
Wall Graphics for Office

Types of Vinyl Lettering Available

We stock and produce all types of removable vinyl letters for our customers. Choose from a wide range of standard designs or personalize stickers with your own branding.

We provide letters such as:

Don’t see the kind of vinyl letters you are looking for? We can create any type of adhesive sign for your business. Vinyl is a flexible material and can be pasted on any smooth surface.

Why Businesses Choose Us

We work with start-ups, small businesses, retailers, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and many other businesses.

Our customers trust us to deliver perfect signs every time. We offer:

Worried about the cost of vinyl lettering? Vinyl signs are inexpensive and durable, offering excellent ROI.

Custom Vinyl Signs for Business
Custom Vinyl Signs for Business
Custom Vinyl Signage for Business
Custom Vinyl Signage for Business

What is Vinyl Lettering?

Custom vinyl lettering is cut from large vinyl sheets with an adhesive back. You simply send us your message, and we’ll prepare vinyl letters for your premises.

Personalize every aspect of the design:

Installing vinyl letters is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

Unlike other signs from other shops in Orlando, our vinyl letters are made of high-grade vinyl. We only use the best vinyl sheets from suppliers like 3M, Oracal, and Avery.

Our adhesives are safe for use on any surface, and our vinyl lettering for walls doesn’t leave marks when you remove them. 

Worried about the cost of vinyl lettering? Vinyl signs are inexpensive and durable, offering excellent ROI.

Custom Wall Graphics
Custom Wall Graphics
Window Vinyl Graphics for Business
Window Vinyl Graphics for Business

Uses of Vinyl Lettering

Businesses across Orlando use lettering for a wide range of purposes:

Work with Visual Signs and discover the difference working with a professional sign team makes. We help customers design eye-catching large vinyl letters. 

Our team will help you design, print, and install signs. 

Vinyl Lettering Makers in Orlando

Visual Signs is a full-service sign company in Orlando that works with all types of businesses. Order your signs from us today.

Customer satisfaction is the topmost priority for our team. We guarantee your signs will be free of scratches, smudges, and creases.

You will work with an experienced design team that is committed to maximizing your branding. 

Send us your design or talk to a signage pro about vinyl letter stickers today

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl lettering is exactly what it sounds like—large or small letters made of vinyl. They can be pasted on walls and windows, hung from the ceiling, pasted on vehicles, and more. They are great for things like branding the office and displaying motivational quotes. The best part? They are some of the most inexpensive and customizable signs you can get.

We start by creating branded designs for your business. Once you give the go-ahead, our team prints the letters on large vinyl sheets and cuts them to size. We package them for shipping, and off they go to your doorstep! At Visual Signs, we invest in the latest printing tools to ensure color-accurate signs.

Absolutely! Removing vinyl letters is very easy; all you have to do is to start peeling from one edge of the letter. Gently pull the letter free from the surface, making sure you don’t apply a lot of force. If it’s handy, a heat gun or hair dryer can soften the glue and make removing the letter even easier.

Here’s a simple four-step guide for removing vinyl lettering.

  1. Warm up the vinyl letters using a heat gun or hairdryer to soften the glues (optional step).
  2. Start by peeling up one edge of the letter.
  3. Continue peeling gently from that edge.
  4. Marvel at how easy the entire process was!

However, we do recommend that you let the professionals handle this process.

Vinyl lettering is amongst the most customizable signage you can get for your business. You can install letters together to form sentences, business names, or just have fun! Our clients use vinyl letters to label equipment, display motivational quotes, show directions, and do so much more.

Not sure how you can use vinyl lettering? Talk to us today for some ideas.

Making vinyl letter decals is a fairly straightforward process. First, we create designs with your branding for the letters you want. Once that’s got the green light, our team puts it into a digital printer, which prints a suitable vinyl sheet. Our team cuts the sheet into appropriately sized letters. Et voila! Your vinyl letter decals are ready.

You definitely should be using custom vinyl lettering for your business. It’s one of the most customizable and affordable signs you can get. Vinyl lettering can be used for a wide range of uses, too, including branding, advertising, and wayfinding. Check out our large selection of vinyl lettering to find the right options for your business.

Vinyl lettering is, basically, unique. You decide how large the letters should be, what color, style, and finish they should be. That’s why it’s really hard to define the “types of vinyl lettering”; instead, we can tell you our customers use them for:

  • Quotes
  • Directions
  • Promotions
  • Floor graphics
  • Glass signs
  • Vehicle decals
  • And more

Removing vinyl lettering from plastic is much the same as removing lettering from any other surface. That said, it’s probably advisable to stay away from heating the letters to soften the glues because the heat can damage the plastic too. Simply pry one edge of the letter off the plastic and gradually pull the entire letter off. But even then, we recommend that you leave this to the professionals.

This is a relatively straightforward process that requires no tools. In fact, that’s best for your acrylic, too, since it can scratch easily. Simply use a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the glue, pry one edge of the letter, and peel it back gently. If you feel like you’re fighting the letter, apply a little more heat to it and try again.

But, as always, for any kind of sign removal, we recommend you let us handle it.

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