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Your business is gearing up for the main event! Perhaps it’s a trade show, a grand opening, a new product launch, a special promotion… the possibilities are endless. You’re still in the planning stages – which means this is a great time to consider event signage. 

Many people hosting an event, particularly for the first time, overlook the significant role that event signage plays. Truly great signs help ensure that an event runs smoothly, and guests have a memorable experience.

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How Event Signage Can Help?

Here are just a few ways in which event signage assists you in creating the event you and your guests deserve.

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  • Initial orientation. Your guests need information from the moment they arrive. They may be wondering: am I in the right parking lot? Which way is the entrance? Noticeable, well-designed signs such as custom flags give your guests confidence and direction, so they start the event on the right note.
  • Points of interest. Will your event have stations like wine tasting, workshops, or hands-on demos? If so, ensure you have event signs such as overhead banners to highlight them – you don’t want guests missing out on the highlights of the evening!
  • Branding, branding, branding! The plethora of signs needed to adequately cover an event means you have numerous opportunities to showcase your brand’s logo, fonts and colors. Seize the chance to highlight your brand on each sign, making it part of a night (or afternoon) to remember!

Types of Event Signage

Now that we know the purposes of event signage, let’s examine some of the forms it can take.

Custom flags. Flags featuring your brand demand attention and quickly assure visitors they’re in the right place.

A-Frame signs. These simple, portable signs are perfect for identifying parking spots, directing guests to entrances, and marking event boundaries.

Custom Banners

Overhead custom banners. Welcome guests to the main event with stunning custom banners that generate excitement and reinforce your brand.

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Retractable banners and trade show displays. Once your guests are inside, catch their attention with eye-level (or higher) retractable banners that spotlight points of interest. Depending on your event goals, you might also want a full-fledged trade show displays. Well-designed displays and booths are incredibly effective at attracting foot traffic and can become social gathering points.

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