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Accessibility is a crucial topic for nearly any business that serves the public. In 2015, the U.S. Census Bureau conducted a survey to determine the prevalence of disabilities in the American population. The resulting data¹ indicates that nearly 40 million Americans, or 13% of the adult population, has serious difficulty with:

Custom ADA Compliant Signs

Given how widespread disabilities are in the populace, it’s easy to see the importance of making your business as accessible as possible.

There are also very good legal reasons to ensure accessibility. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990 and has undergone numerous upgrades in the ensuing years. Designed to ensure accessibility for people of all abilities, the Act sets clear guidelines – and some very strict penalties for non-compliance. The maximum civil penalty for a first offence under Title III of the Act is now a whopping $75,000.

One very important aspect of ADA compliance is ADA signage. These are signs designed specifically to adhere to the Act’s signage guidelines. Visual Signs offers custom ADA signs that meet all the criteria the Act stipulates.

ADA Compliant Signs

Custom ADA Compliant Signs

In order to be considered compliant, ADA signs must meet multiple conditions. We specialize in signs that feature:

Whether it’s custom braille signs for your business directory, washroom and facility signs, or room signs identifying individual offices and conference rooms, ADA signs play a critical role in keeping your business accessible and current.

But does that mean that all your business signage should be ADA compliant? No, signs that are not installed in public places, signs that showcase your business name or logo, address signs, temporary signs, do not need to follow ADA compliance.

If ADA compliant signs are installed all over your property it makes a positive impact on your brand image as it makes your business, look professional and law-abiding. It also shows that you care about people facing disabilities. ADA signage also present business opportunities as people with disabilities tent to shop from places where they do not have to make an extra effort.

Enhance Accessibility With Custom ADA Signs in Orlando, FL

Need some help getting up to speed with legislation like the ADA? Perhaps you’re already compliant, but want to further enhance your business’ accessibility? Visual Signs and Graphics are your specialists in ADA compliant signs.

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