Custom Braille Signs

Custom Braille signs are important for all businesses, especially those that have large establishments such as malls, grocery stores, and hotels. Braille signs need to be installed in entrances, parking areas, elevators, and emergency exits. This is according to the guidelines which are set by the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA. Some of the specifications of ADA Braille signs include the usage of non-glaring materials, universally recognized pictogram, contrasting text and background colors. They are mainly used for wayfinding and identification purposes.

Wayfinding ADA braille signs in Orlando, FL

Why Braille Signs are Vital to Your Business

Assists Differently abled Individuals

Custom Braille signs help employees, guests, customers, clients, and suppliers as they make their way around your establishment. It’s not limited to helping those who are blind or visually impaired because it also caters to those who are deaf, mute, and mentally ill. With them, these individuals will need minimum assistance as they find the restroom or aisle that they want to go. ADA signs empower these individuals because they’ll feel more independent; not to mention those people are suffering from anxiety and would rather figure things out on their own than to seek help from strangers. Aside from boosting their morale, having braille signs increases their happiness and customer satisfaction level because you’re making their shopping experience less stressful.

Improves your Branding

Installing Braille signs help with your company’s branding strategy because it will give customers the impression that the brand accepts and recognizes differently-abled individuals and that the brand abides with the law. Therefore, your company will appear to be more reliable, legitimate, well-managed, and detail-oriented.

Increases Foot Traffic

Braille signs help create a safe and more inviting atmosphere in your establishment. Differently-abled customers and guests will want to keep coming back to your establishment because you’re able to ensure that their customer experience is convenient and hassle-free. Therefore, your company will have more customers and even potentially increase its sales.

Reduces accidents

They decrease the chances of accidents in your business that involves differently-abled individuals because they can easily know where they are and how to act. A good example is ADA Braille signs at parking spaces can make these individuals more cautious about the vehicles around them. Another example, these signs lead to emergency exits and aid people in escaping during fires, earthquakes, and other emergencies.

Your Orlando's Source for Quality ADA Signage

You must partner up with a company that has knowledge and experience in designing and producing Braille signs because their guidelines need to be precisely followed.

Visual Signs is one of the top-rated full-service sign companies in Orlando, Florida that specializes in producing custom Braille signs. We take pride in producing customized signage solutions to help your business achieve its branding goals. With our superior quality signage solutions and outstanding customer service, you can be certain that you’re with the right company.

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