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Want to make your business stand out from your competitors? Need something that drives curious passersby into your establishment? Creative storefront signs are the cornerstone of branding and can help your business shine! Choose from a wide range of signs and find one that works for you.

We work with you to design creative, eye-catching signs.

Visual Signs creates signs for main street stores, offices, restaurants, commercial buildings, healthcare providers, arenas, and more. As a full-service signage company in Orlando, we design, build, and install all types of signs. Whether you need a small store sign or a large building sign, we are the ones to come to. 

Storefront vinyl banner for COVID-19 in Orlando, FL

What is a Storefront Sign?

Storefront signs are installed above the primary entrance of the establishment. These signs are designed to promote the branding of the business, and prominently highlight its presence in the area. It’s why most business owners opt for lighted storefront signs, as these make them easily visible during day and evening hours.

There are many uses for storefront signs: identification, branding, and promotional messaging. Our team equips customers with great, timeless designs. Choose from a large selection of configurations, lighting options, installation methods, materials, and more. 

Types of storefront signs

Don’t see the sign you are looking for? We can build any type of personalized sign.

Worried about the cost of storefront signs? Our team will help you find options that ensure your sign does not go over budget.

Customized Storefront Signs for Home Care Assistance by Visual Signs in Orlando, FL

Uses of Storefront Signs

As one of the few full-service sign companies in Orlando, we prepare our signs ourselves, taking care of all aspects in-house. 

Choose from a range of materials, including aluminum, wood-finish, acrylic, plastic, and glass. We can recreate any type of theme: classical, western, contemporary, and ultramodern, to name a few. Signs can be equipped with LED lighting (front-lit, backlit, combination), spotlighting, neon lighting, and more.

Your Trusted Source for Storefront Signs Near You in Orlando, FL

Whether you are looking for a small sign for your boutique or a large metal storefront sign for your building, we are the one-stop-shop in the city. As experienced sign builders, we are committed to exceptional customer service, no matter the scale of the project. For us, the job is not complete until you’re satisfied.

We prepare all types of outdoor signs, not just signs for the storefront. We also prepare outdoor banners, A-frame signs, window graphics, and digital displays. Custom design a single sign or order a complete exterior signage package.

Talk to us about your design and requirements.

Attract More Traffic With Storefront Signs

Your street presence can make or break your business! Great custom storefront signs and retail storefront signs demand attention and attract shoppers – while businesses who lack original storefront sign ideas will struggle to generate interest.

There are nearly as many storefront sign types as there are business types. Lighted storefront signs, including LED storefront signs, are a great way to stand out at night. Hanging storefront signs, such as wood storefront signs, lend an inviting and classic look. If you’re after a more contemporary approach, metal storefront signs may be a good fit.  Storefront window signs usually consist of attractive window graphics or storefront banners, applied to the inside of the glass.

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What Types Of Storefront Signs Are Possible?

Businesses that often use storefront signs include:

Retail stores and shopping centers

Restaurants and pubs

Salons and boutiques

Professional services firms

Doctor’s offices and medical service companies

Make An Impact With Storefront Signs

Elegant Hanging Storefront Signs

Beautiful Wood Storefront Signs

Lighted Storefront Signs Cost Less Than You Think!

Advertise your business 24/7 with custom lighted storefront signs.

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Storefront sign cost can be lower than you expect – and the results speak for themselves. Stand out from the crowd, draw in more people, and reinforce your brand, with custom storefront signs designed by our company, your local storefront sign experts.

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