Is It Time To Upgrade Your Custom Lobby Signs & Office Signs?

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In 1964, harmonica at the ready, Bob Dylan first uttered the immortal lyrics: “the times, they are a-changing’.” While Bob was referring to the counterculture revolution of the ’60s, his point is perennial and remains relevant today. Our world exists in a constant state of change, and every business must keep pace.

Custom lobby signs designed in the 1990s, for example, often won’t mesh well with modern styles and sensibilities. Even when the style isn’t the primary issue, the effects of age can take a toll on your custom office signs.

Today let’s look at ways to tell whether your custom indoor signs need updating.

1.Your Brand Has Changed But Your Signs Haven’t

Perhaps the best reason of all to update or replace your custom indoor signs is that they no longer match your branding. Branding has many elements: the most prominent is, of course, your logo, but other important branding components include slogans, colors, and imagery.

If you’ve been through a re-branding without updating your custom lobby signs, now is a great time to bring them up to speed.

2.Physical Symptoms of Aging Signs

Custom office signs can be in touch with modern style and still need an update. The passage of time has many effects: fading due to sunlight, dents, and chips from random accidents, or wearing caused by human hands. The latter is particularly common with lobby directory signs – people tend to touch these signs as they’re trying to locate their destination.

Regardless of the cause, when you notice physical wear and tear on your custom office signs, it’s time to think about an update.

3. Custom Lobby Signs Have A Dated Design

Today’s aesthetic is clean, functional and to some degree minimalist. This paradigm is partly due to the so-called “Apple Effect.” Under Steve Jobs, Apple’s industrial design philosophy swept the world like wildfire, and by the early 2000s was influencing everything from website design to the creation of custom lobby signs.

Busy, cluttered, or overly distracting signage is no longer de rigeur. If your custom indoor signs show some of these design characteristics, we can help. Take a look at the studio sign above – it uses a contemporary font, sleek brushed finish, and stylish kerning (the space between letters).

Upgrade Your Custom Office Signs Today

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