Get Commercial Property Signs That Attract Attention

Commercial property signs

We’ve all seen signs advertising commercial real estate. The wording varies, but whether it’s “for sale,” “for lease,” or “make an offer,” the intent is clear.

What’s not always clear is how to make your commercial property signs stand out. After all, these signs are present everywhere. What can you do to maximize your odds of success?

Let’s look at a few techniques for maximizing the effectiveness of your commercial property signs and large billboard signs.

1.Get Geometry On Your Side

Regardless of whether you’re looking to lease, sell, or develop, most of the eyeballs you want for your commercial real estate signs belong to drivers. As a result, you must consider driver perspective when designing your signs. Consider factors such as:

  • Distance from the road to your sign.
  • Angle of the road relative to your sign.
  • Elevation and obstructions.

Since you can’t always control these factors, one of the most effective tactics available to you is multi-sided signage. At a minimum, you’ll want your large billboard sign to have two sides, to address traffic headed in each direction.

Even better, consider a v-shaped or three-sided sign. These shapes reduce driver eye strain while also showing your commercial property sign message from multiple angles.

2.Use Contrast To Your Advantage

Assuming your branding guidelines allow for it, try out bold, high-contrast color combinations on your commercial real estate signs. Remember: being atypical can mean you receive an atypical amount of attention. Here are just a few ideas.

  • Black on yellow/yellow on black. This combination is often used in the context of caution – because it really works! Human eyes are inexorably drawn to these colors.
  • Blue on white/white on blue. Here’s a powerful combination that can also work well with conservative branding guidelines.
  • Green on white/white on green. High contrast and connotations of nature? Sign us up!

3.Elevate Your Game

Rise above the crowd. Taller commercial property signs dominate the visual landscape and command the viewer’s eye. While you could gain sign height by increasing the length of the legs, you can generate more interest by using the space for larger graphics!
Consider increasing the vertical size of the printed panels. Your sign will gain not only overall height but also creative space for your design.

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