5 Reasons to Choose Custom Acrylic Signs

IPRG Custom Acrylic Signage for Business

If you care about how your office looks, and you really should, you have to consider personalized acrylic signs. They’re one of the easiest ways of making your space look upscale without breaking the bank.

What Is Acrylic Signage?

Before we delve into the five reasons you should get custom acrylic signs, let’s quickly recap what they are. Acrylic is a clear cast polymer that also goes by the names ‘plexiglass’, ‘Plexiglas’, and ‘Perspex’. It’s become popular with Orlando businesses because it offers the glass look without the fragility of glass.

Acrylic strikes a great balance between durability, appearance, and affordability. That means you can add a premium touch to your space without breaking the bank.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Acrylic Lobby Signs, Corridor Signs, and More ASAP

1. Transform Your Space

Give your space the makeover it needs with acrylic. It’s a great way to brand the office and add a touch of glamor. Glossy signs are particularly eye-catching and can help you make a favorable first impression with visitors.

2. Customize Them As You Want

Acrylic is an incredibly versatile material, allowing you to bring your vision to life. Our craftspeople can cut custom shapes, print any design, and even include lighting.

You can choose from a glossy or matte appearance and a wide range of finishes, including frosted acrylic signs.

3. Improve Privacy

Speaking of frosted acrylic signs, they’re an excellent option for adding privacy to your office. A lot of businesses now use glass panels and walls to demarcate spaces. While these are great for creating an open office space, they limit privacy.

Signs such as acrylic lobby signs are excellent for adding privacy without taking away a feeling of openness in your space.

4. Maximize ROI

Here’s a big reason why you may not choose signs: cost. Fortunately, acrylic signs are one of the more cost-effective signs for the office. Small signs can start as low as $90 (shipping and installation not included), and we offer great discounts on bulk orders.

Acrylic is an incredibly durable material, too, meaning signs will last years with little to no maintenance needed.

5. Reduce Hassle

Acrylic is a lightweight, durable material that performs without fuss.

Special UV-treated acrylic resists yellowing under artificial office lighting. You can even clean signs regularly without fear of scratching them. Just make sure you work with a trustworthy professional for custom acrylic signs near you.

So, How Can You Use Acrylic Signs at Your Establishment?

Our customers use custom acrylic signs to:

  • Demarcate offices
  • Show directions
  • Present artwork
  • Brand the office
  • And much more

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