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Custom lobby and office signs can serve a variety of purposes, and therefore can be an important addition to any business. Interior wayfinding signs allow visitors to know that they’re in the right place and where they can find certain areas within your building. These signs also enhance the professional appearance of your business, while raising brand awareness through the use of your company’s name, font, colors, and logo. If you’re considering creating custom lobby and office signs for your business, here are the top areas you should consider installing your new signs for maximum effect:

Your Lobby Area

The most appropriate location for your sign really depends on the layout and size of the room, and where your visitor’s eyes are most likely to gravitate when they enter your business. Most businesses tend to locate signs opposite to the door visitors will be entering from. However, if you have a very large lobby area, you might want to consider placing the sign along a side wall near the entrance so it’s still easily visible but doesn’t require the visitor to walk too far to view up-close.

Your Waiting Room

Waiting rooms are a great place to install custom lobby and office signs and often help to reinforce your brand to visitors while enhancing your business’ professional appearance. You can also take the opportunity to provide your visitors with additional information about your business (such as products and services) beneath your sign to educate visitors and pique their interest about your other offerings.

Your Hallway(s)

Smaller businesses may not have a lobby or a waiting room, especially if you are renting an office space in a commercial building. However it’s crucial that any business takes advantage of the space they are given, no matter how small. By installing a lobby sign outside your office in the hallway, this will help to let visitors know where you’re located, while raising brand awareness of your business. Make sure to receive permission from the building owner before installing your sign though, as the building owner may have regulations regarding signage types, sizes, and materials, etc.

Visual Signs: Get Custom Lobby And Office Signs in Florida

Visual Signs designs and installs various commercial signage for businesses, including custom lobby and office signs, banners, indoor and outdoor business signs, interior wayfinding signs, flags, window graphics, and much more.  Commercial signage is an important addition to any business as signs support your business marketing efforts, raise brand awareness within your community, and create a professional, trustworthy appearance. We work with clients to design and deliver custom signage that perfectly matches your branding efforts. Contact us today to book your complimentary consultation and to receive a personalized quote.

Let Us Help You Create A Dynamic Signage Strategy

The team at Visual Signs and Graphics will create custom signage solutions for your business that help you reach your branding goals and make a positive impression with your audience. We’ll support your success by merging our high-quality, custom signs, dedication to superior customer service, and array of skilled signage services. In result, you can rest easy knowing that your can trust our team with all your interior and exterior signage needs. We’ll handle every aspect of your sign project, from its design to installation, and help you develop a signage strategy that works for your business. We have the skill and expertise needed to provide a full range of interior signs and exterior signs for your business, including: channel letter signs, monument signs, LED letter signs, directory signs, lobby signs, office signs, ADA signs, trade show banners and displays, vinyl banners and retractable banners, custom wall murals, vehicle wraps, and more.

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