What Your Business Needs to Know About ADA Signs

ADA-compliant signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all organizations to have a particular set of signs that make their outlets and offices more accessible for those with disabilities. Even though they are required by law, it’s best to have accessible signs installed, so all your customers feel welcome and can navigate your property with ease.

Though they are beneficial and required by the law, ADA-compliant signs can sometimes be confusing. For instance, there is always an uncertainty about which signs need to follow the rules, and what are the rules? Here’s what you need to know before you order custom ADA signs in Orlando, FL.

What Signs Have to Be ADA Compliant?

Not all signs are required to be ADA-compliant. Those that are required by the law include:

  • Bathroom/Restroom signs.
  • Permanent office door signs.
  • Signs that identify rooms and common areas.
  • Wayfinding signs (Elevator Signs, Parking Signs, Ramp Signs).

Outdoor signs and signs that are used for advertising purposes like monument signs, pylon signs or banners, do not need to follow ADA guidelines. Also, temporary signs need not comply as well. Although, the sign that declares an office’s number must be ADA compliant. A sign that declares the name of the person working there does not have to follow ADA guidelines. If this sounds confusing, experts at Visual Signs & Graphics are more than happy to resolve your signage questions.

How to Identify If a Sign Is ADA-compliant

There a several standards an ADA sign must follow. They include:

  • Clarity: For the visually impaired, ADA signs should be designed in a way to make it as easy as possible for someone with a visual impairment to read the sign. The lettering should not have decorative fonts, they must be large and should stand out from the background of the sign.
  • Braille: ADA-compliant signs must include braille, a tactile written language. Having braille on signs helps vision-impaired people to navigate through any premises. Braille location, feel, proportion and spacing are all clearly mentioned, and professional sign makers do know about these specifications and the expertise to follow them.

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