Why Temporary Signage is Beneficial While Your Exterior Sign is in Production

Channel Letters

We recently got a call from Your CBD Store, a new business opening in Clermont, FL. They were looking for Channel Letters for the exterior of their building so they could advertise their business and new location. They were so excited about having an exterior sign that could boost their traffic and hopefully boost their sales but once they heard how long the process could take, they worried about how their business would be advertised.

There is a lot that must happen with Channel Letters before the installation day, sometimes the process can be lengthy. Depending on the situation and area the process from start to finish can take up to two months.

The process of Channel Letters tends to go like this:

  1. The Site Survey: to measure the wall and get a sense of the location.
  2. The Design Process: Going back and forth with the customer to get the perfect design.
  3. Obtaining the Permit: When everything is approved, and we are ready to get started on production we need to get the required permits for that area which can take up to a month.
  4. The Production: Once the permit has been approved, we can start on production. To ensure that the sign is perfect the process can take up 2 weeks to a month to be done.
  5. Installation Day: Once your sign is ready to go its time for installation day!

Permitting is the part in the process that can take the longest time, depending on your area and the rules it can take up to a month to be approved. Starting production before your permit is approved can be risky so overall the whole process can take up to or over 2 months depending on your area. Since the whole process of exterior signage can be a lengthy process, we recommend businesses to use temporary signage. Your CBD Store decided to go with an outdoor banner which allows them to continue advertising and promoting their business. These banners can be produced very quickly in most cases and aren’t crazy expensive so it’s a great temporary solution and another plus is they can be re-used!

Banners are a great option if you are planning to invest in channel letters or if you even want to use that as your exterior signage! Here at Visual Signs we try and come up with the best solutions for you. Call us today for a FREE Quote (407)-693-0200 or learn more about banners HERE: https://visualsignsandgraphics.com/banners-and-flags-orlando/

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