Why Are Banners So Effective At Catching Attention?

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If you call up a sign professional and explain you want to catch attention with a sign, for low cost, and with big results, chances are they will recommend a banner. That professional might mention that banners work inside and outside, can be printed with any kind of unique graphic you’re imagining, and are creatively cost-effective. But what the sign professional will certainly mention is that banners are great at catching attention.

You might find yourself wondering why banners are so eye-catching. Well, as professionals who offer signs and banners in Orlando, FL, we can tell you.


Things that move catch our attention faster than things that don’t. An outdoor banner with a bit of breeze behind it will capture more attention than every other sign around it, simply because our brains prioritize movement. Custom banners in Orlando should be light to take advantage of this.


Banners are flexible, light and easy to secure, which means that they can be placed just about anywhere. This flexibility allows you to position your banners where they will be able to grab the most attention. Indoors, that may be at customer eye-level, or below or above where you’d like the customer to look. Outdoors, a banner may do best below your fascia sign, or at eye level for customers walking by. It’s wise to seek a sign professional’s opinion to maximize placement.


The human eye prefers to look at new things. A brand-new banner, particularly one that contrasts with its surroundings, catches more attention that your permanent signs. As banners are comparatively inexpensive, you can afford to offer novelty.


Your customers have seen many banners in their day, and they know that they are used for exciting purposes. They’re used when new stores are under construction or having their grand opening. Banners are used for large sales, exclusive events, tradeshows and more.

Yes, many businesses may use a few other sign types for these events. However, banners are the most common choice because they’re larger and offer all the eye-catching benefits we discussed above.

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Visual Signs offers custom banners in Orlando that can renew interest in your business, a sale, an event, or anything else. If you need any kind of sign or banner in Orlando, FL, reach out to us today

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