Three Signs You Need In Your Lobby

Custom Lobby Signs

If your company serves the public in some way, odds are that you have a lobby. It might be a small area just inside the door, where you’ve placed a bench and a coat rack. On the other end of the scale, your lobby could have soaring ceilings, a roaring gas fire, and a talented piano player tickling the keys to welcome visitors.

No matter what type of lobby you have, you’ll need custom lobby signs to complete it, and to help visitors get to the right place – unless, of course, they’re content to just sit by the fire and listen to Elton John covers. Let’s look at custom lobby signs, and a couple of other types of custom indoor signs you’re likely to need.

Custom Lobby Signs

Upon arrival, most visitors will look for some sort of confirmation that they’re in the right office. In the case of smaller offices, it’s usually more readily apparent that the visitor has reached your company, while in large lobbies the visitor may be uncertain. In either case, though, your best bet is to mount professionally created lobby logo signs.

The options for lobby logo signs are quite amazing. Take a look at the above example. This gorgeous logo sign stands to head height, uses a beautiful frosted glass finish, and helps to define the lobby space and create a sense of privacy.

Lobby Directory Signs

Have we made that wonderful first impression? Splendid! Now it’s time to look at another category of custom indoor signs,designed to help our visitor get to the correct destination. That could be an individual office, a boardroom, or perhaps another company entirely (if your building has multiple tenants).

Here are some of the many uses for lobby directory signs.

  • Listing all your employees, and their individual office numbers.
  • Showing the various companies in your building and their floors, office numbers, suites, or buildings.
  • Directing guests to facilities, amenities, common areas, or even other buildings if applicable.

Custom Wayfinding Signs

There are so many types of wayfinding signage in our world. Even the hiking trail signs you see at a trailhead or crossroads are custom wayfinding signs. In the business world, custom wayfinding signs are designed to help a guest orient themselves within your business space and determine the best route to their objective.  They help visitors understand where they are, where they’re trying to go, and how to get there.

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