Rejuvenate Your Commercial Interior with Wall Murals

Eye Catching Wall Murals

Every business feels the need to freshen its appearance after some time. Hospitality businesses such as hotels, event spaces, and restaurants feel that they need more than others. Patrons expect the experience to be ‘fresh’ every time they visit.

“This place looks the same” is not something you want to hear from customers. It’s a sign that people are becoming a little bit bored with the interior, and your business has stopped being distinctive. And familiarity breeds a desire in customers to try something new.

Keep reading to find out how you can rejuvenate your interiors without downtime – or having to take out a business loan! – with wall murals.

1. Repaint

Changing the color of walls is perhaps the easiest way of giving interiors a whole new look. The transformative impact of fresh colors on the premises and the positive effect on visitors and employees cannot be overstated. Custom wallpaper murals let you ‘repaint’ your walls without damaging the existing paintwork, noxious fumes, and weeks of inconvenience. Full wall vinyl sheets are particularly beneficial for Orlando businesses using leased space (like most do) who don’t want to damage the wall.

2. Artwork

Replaceable artwork on walls is excellent at bringing a professional atmosphere to the premises. Paintings and prints, however, are expensive, and sculptures are fragile. Instead, use custom murals to display any design at your premises. Vinyl murals are inexpensive and extremely durable. If anything, they will protect your walls from stains and scratches that can accumulate over time.

3. Inspirational quotes

Inspirational, exciting quotes have been used for many years to convey messages to employees and visitors. Custom murals are not just limited to text. Even logos and shapes can be custom cut as part of the vinyl package.

4. Interactive custom wallpaper murals

Perhaps our favorite murals are interactive. These are applied on a variety of movable surfaces such as doors and windows. Combine them with a wallpaper mural to create moveable shapes and multi-layered designs. A few of our customers even designed coordinated murals across different rooms that ‘connect’ when a door opens.

Benefits of Wall Murals

There are a lot of practical reasons why business owners should choose vinyl wall stickers for their premises.

Convenience – Murals can be installed and removed with little fuss. An expert team of installers from Visual Signs can have your mural installed within a few hours.

Low price – Vinyl is a wonder material that is easy to print on and inexpensive. Regardless of your design or the mural’s size, it will be less expensive than painting.

No downtime – Repainting requires virtually the entire room to be stripped bare; it is then out of use for a couple of weeks at the very least, until the paint dries and the noxious smells have dissipated. Not so with murals – no preparation required and no downtime.

No damage – Get the security deposit back at the end of the lease. Our adhesives are safe for use on most surfaces and don’t leave a trace even once you take down the mural.

Got a design you want to be printed? Talk to a representative at Visual Signs today about what a custom mural can do for your business.

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